Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Meera Jasmine never wanted to be an actress. She was spotted by writer-director Lohitadas when she went to see the shooting of a film along with some of her friends. He had to really persuade her hard to act as the heroine in his next film. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today she is one of the most sought after heroines in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu. Though most of her releases after the Tamil film Run flopped, filmmakers sign her on without batting their eyelids.

She is the topmost heroine in Kerala today, acting in both commercial and art films. She was the heroine in one of the top grossers of last year, Swapnakoodu, and also the critically acclaimed Paathom Onnu Oru Vilapam.

She won last year’s Kerala State Award for best actress for her portrayal of a young Muslim girl married to an old man in Paathom Onnu...

The most challenging thing for Meera Jasmine in Ayutha Ezhuthu is that the film has sync sound. That meant she, a Malayalee with very little knowledge of Tamil, had to deliver the dialogues herself. It seems she did it perfectly.

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